The CIGRE Austria Next Generation Network (CIGRE Austria NGN) is a network for young professionals who work in Austria in the energy industry or who are studying energy technology. CIGRE Austria NGN is part of the Austrian CIGRE National Committee. The CIGRE Austria NGN is in close contact with other national CIGRE NGNs.

Current topics and issues in the energy industry call for fresh perspectives and new ideas. The CIGRE Austria NGN is convinced that a strong heterogeneous network of young professionals is a powerful driver for innovation.

For this reason, the main goal of CIGRE Austria NGN is to promote young technical and scientific talent in the field of energy technology / energy management

• Improving the visibility of young talents within the CIGRE national committee and the international CIGRE network

• Exchange of experience and knowledge at national and international level both within the group of young professionals and with established experts

• Establishment of contacts between CIGRE Austria NGN members and experts from the Austrian energy industry

• Promoting participation in specialist committees

The CIGRE Austria NGN offers its members

• A high-quality network of young professionals and students within the energy sector

• (Online) events with experts from the field of energy technology / energy management

• Access to the latest information and industry-specific publications such as the CIGRE technical brochures

More than 100 people (specialists in the energy industry as well as students and scientific staff from various colleges and universities) are currently members of the CIGRE Austria NGN.


Chair: Galler Manuel (Technical University of Graz)

Tel: +43 (316) 873 – 8050

Vice Chair: Pischler Oliver (Technical University of Graz)

Tel: +43 (316) 873 – 7417

Secretary: Schrammel Michael (Vienna University of Technology)

Tel: +43 (0)1 58801 370116